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Naturaria fair 2015
On September 27th 2015 I've participated the Naturaria fair 2015 in Antwerp again. As always, it was an early rise that morning for Antwerp (Belgium) is still 3 hour cardrive away from my place.

Vivarium 2015
On November 21st & 22nd 2015 I've been participating the 2015 edition of the Vivarium (Holland's largest vivaristic event).
Terraria Houten December 2015
On December 6th 2015, I was helping out at the booth of Frogfoods. I only brought along fish reservations which people could order till the day before the event. So, I've sold only fish which were in the styrofoam boxes.
Terraria Houten June 2016
On June 5th 2016 I was helping out at the booth of Frogfoods and at Tim bij 't Vuur's booth at the Expo Center Houten in Houten.
I was helping out at 2 booths. First at Frogfoods  and later on at Tim Bij 't Vuur's booth. One booth with live food and the other with fish and spiders... a fun combination in one day.
KFN show Asperen 2016
On August 27th 2016 I was participating the KFN show in Asperen.
It was the first time that we as a livebearer society didn't participate with KFN (KilliFish Netherlands) when it came to the championship. Nevertheless, we had one tank set up which displayed a reasonable number of livebearers in small tanks. So, in some way PN was still profiling itself during this event. But no judging involved by PN. But we had a joint meeting and a joint auction.
Above: Ferry Winter & me.                                                   Above: Gordon Temperley & me.
Below: Fred Poeser & me.
Naturaria fair 2016
On September 25th 2016 I've been participating the Naturaria fair 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium.
This was the second time I was able to go to such an event in my shorts. And so did my buddy Herman ter Wengel from Frogfoods. For it's been such a hot summer day while officially summer had already passed.
VDA-AK & PN Treffen
On October 29th 2016 we had a joined meeting of VDA-AK and PN in Bocholt, Germany.
It was a nice day in fall but also this day seemed as if we were dealing with an indian summer's day. It was such nice weather and pretty warm that day.
The day started off pretty early. Took the train to Bocholt and had to change trains 5 times before I've reached Bocholt. By car it only takes over an hour to get there but by train it's a burden. When I've reached Bocholt railway station, I had plans to walk to the Hotel Kamperschroer. It was just a short walk. But behind me I hear someone yelling my name. It turned out to be Michael Kempkes (author of aquaristic literature). He was waiting for Prof. Dr.Greven who suppose to give a lecture that day. But he was belated. And so Michael Kempkes invited me to his home first before going to the Hotel Kamperschroer. We've been meeting up with some members of PN and some british friends of mine at Michael's place. Of course, I had to take a peek at his fishroom. He's got great looking tanks with several kinds of livebearers in them. Afterwards we've left tyo pick up Prof.Dr.Greven and drove to the hotel.
There have been a couple of lectures, some in german and some in dutch. Michael Kempkes and Kees de Jong helped out to translate it all to those who didn't understand dutch or german. To me it wasn't a problem for I do speak and understand german well.
Fred Poeser was lecturing about wildguppy genetics in dutch. That we've used translators during these lectures seemd to have worked perfectly. Prof.Dr.Greven lectured about finshapes and reproduction of livebearers in a very humorous way. And Ulrike Korte lectured about killifish.
Above: Fred Poeser discussing genetics...
Afterwards we had a couple of hours lasting auction of all kinds of livebearers. For sure a lot of money has been spend by most members of both societies. The auction lasted somewhere in the evening.
I myself have left the meeting at 8.30 pm and drove back together with a friend' to his place to take a look at his tanks. For he had some problems with his guppies. Later that evening I was brought to the railway station of Ede (Holland) and left for home loaded with a lot of new purchases of livebearers.
Vivarium 2016
On November 19th & 20th 2016 I've participated the Vivarium 2016 at the Beursfabriek in Nieuwegein.
This is the first time we've had a cooperation of 4 exposants. This exsisted of Paul Vons from Siergarnalen.com, me from Emeraldking-aquatics, Marco Landman from Guppycorner and Herman ter Wengel from Frogfoods.
During the weekend, a lot of friends and acquaitances hopped by. One of them is René Wolff. He's a regular visitor and I'm used to it that he hops by together with Michael J. Schönefeld. But this time he came with his wife and they're newly weds. Fortunetaly, I had some help of Marco Landman and so I was able to have a chat with René as we usually do during each edition of this fair.
Twentse Aqua-Terra Beurs 2017
On March 29th 2017 I've participated the Twentse Aqua-Terra Beurs at community centre "De Schelf" in Almelo.
Naturaria fair 2017
On September 24th 2017 I've been participating the Naturaria fair 2017 in the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp, Belgium.
Besides being present as an exhibitor, I've also met up with other admins and moderators of the Facebook group Aquavis. It's a belgian aquaristic group and I'm one of the moderators. We called it a "mod meeting".
Below: Left picture → Geert Casteels, me and Rob d'Heu. Right picture → Geert Casteels, me and Rudy van
Vivarium 2017
On November 18th & 19th 2017 I've participated the Vivarium 2017 at "De Beursfabriek Nieuwegein" in Nieuwegein.
Somewhere during the day also Peter van der Pompe and his spouse hopped by like every edition of this event. And they brought along a nice gift. I was told to make a guess, but I just couldn't guess what it was. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a token of appreciation of my contribution to the 3 week lasting exhibition Aquahortus2015 (2 years ago). What I've heard of Theo Verleun (DBA), it was suppose to be given to me in 2016 already during the barbeque that was organized for all participants. But I couldn't make it because of another schedule.
Despite of the fact that it was a belated acknowledgement, I was still very pleased with it. And I told Peter van der Pompe that I would display this token for these 2 days on my booth. Which I also did, of course...
Above: squeezing in some time to have a chat about guppies. Such an event is not just doing sales but also giving information and social talk.
Below: the lay-out of the upper floor of "De Beursfabriek" in Nieuwegein. My location was number 111.