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I this section I'd like to give you a glance of some of my fishtanks.

Not all are posted but it's just to give you a certain impression.

Before I'll show you some tanks, I'd like to show you two pictures at our home back in 1973. These show in the back one of the fishtanks we had in our livingroom. Back then it was quite normal to have framed fishtanks. And the panes of glass were sealed by using fillers like putty. No silicon used back then...
And well, it was my parents idea to paint the frame blue. Who would do that nowadays? 

What a flashback! 
In some way. it's a shame that my parents never made specific pictures of all the fishtanks we've had.

I myself don't have to get annoyed while using the computer. I've got a double screen to watch; for beneath the computer screen, I do have a small tank with endlers in it.
Below: This is my so-called "swamp tank"
Above: Two tanks with no mechanical filtration in it. Just gravel and oxygen plants. They've run for 3 years like this. Both were self sufficient tanks. In there I've kept wild  guppies and endlers. Both species were healthy and very prolific for the three years I've kept these tanks like this.  But note to keep such tanks close to daylight to have a self sufficient system.
Of course, as every aquarist should be doing... is testing the water parameters on a frequent bases. I myself don't have to do this too often for in general my tanks are wellbalanced.

Abive: An aquarist's ritual.

I use very simple methods to optimize the water parameters. I prefer not to use commercial meds or supplements for most of them are based on heavy metals. And every serious aquarist knows that those are really killing to fish...

At this point (date: January 2018), I do have over 75 tanks effectively running.

Besides these tanks I also have  polyethylene outdoor tanks, glass outdoor tanks and  paludaria.

Below: Simple methods are the best!

Besides the self sufficient tanks, all other tanks are air filtered . Air filtration may result in a more noisy happening. For the air will cause real movement at the surface of the water. But air filtration is better for a lower electrical bill when you have multiple tanks than using mechanical filtration sytems for each tank. I use a pump with sufficient power and a divider for all individual tanks.
I love my wall tanks...