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Reguralry, I do visit other people or companies within the field of vivaristics. But also the other way around that I have people over, visiting me in order for some interaction within this field. It's a great way to discuss topics and answer questions. Also to meet up personally is a good way to get in touch with your fellow aquarists from all over.

A good friend of mine by the name of Claus Osche visited me this June 2014. He brought along some fish for me and for a singapore acquaintance of ours all the way from Berlin (Germany). Claus Osche is a wellknown aquarist within the western-european field. I've got to know him for the first time when I registered myself at this guppy forum called "Guppytreff-Berlin" a couple of years ago. We've stayed in contact through email, social media and phone. He's asked me to come over to Berlin before but it wasn't before last year when he asked me again that I actually did.
In June 2013 he asked me to send in some entries for the upcoming international endler championship 2013 in Berlin.  And it was at the beginning of August that he requested me to become a juror at the championship due in October/November 2013. And at the end of October 2013 we've met up for the first time after knowing eachother over the internet for a couple of years.
Claus Osche & me in my fishroom

Also in June 2014, I've met up with David Teng from Singapore. He's a fancy guppykeeper and breeder. About three weeks before we've met up at the Marriott hotel in Amsterdam, he contacted me through the social media "Facebook" over the internet.
A week after that, Claus Osche contacted me in order for some help coming from my part. And it was related to David Teng. 
David Teng from Singapore & me

David brought along fancy guppies and endlers for me and my german fellow aquarists. I had a major time that day. We've discussed all kinds of topics regarding aquaristics and a special focus on guppies. We've exchanged fish that day (his and from my german friends). Those fish were purchased in Osaka (Japan) and in Singapore itself.
I went home late afternoon with some awesome fish for me and my friends. 
On October 28th 2018, we had our 35th anniversary of Poecilia Netherlands. On the occasion of this anniversary, we went to Burger´s zoo in Arnhem (the Netherlands). We had a tour backstage of the Aquarium and The Mangrove. Very amazing how the technique works to keep it all balanced. In comparison to our own aquarium technique, what we've seen overthere, it's massive and I'd call it macro technique.
It was great to have a look backstage. Watching the coral reef from the top was a majestic view. als watching the fish from above had a ma
The mangrove is an indoor mangrove at the zoo. It reflects a biotope from Belize. Poecilia Netherlands has helped them out in the choice of fish in both freshwater and brackish water part. Mainly cichlids and livebearers (such as Poecilia gilli, Poecilia orri, Xiphophorus helleri and Gambusia affinis) are living in this mangrove.
Above: After the tour ended, Ferry WInter, Chiara Sciarone and I decided to explore the zoo better. We were the last ones to leave the zoo in the evening.
On July 28th 2020,  Fred Poeser paid me a visit. He made already plans a couple of times before to come over but something came always in between. We already knew eachother from vivaristic events and our national society of livebearers "Poecilia Netherlands".  We both were editors at Poecilia Netherlands as well as members.
Finally he came over to my place to socialize and to chit chat about livebearers of course. He spend a whole afternoon at my place.
He was also in need or some livebearers and so I invited him to catch the fish he wanted himself. He also brought me some wild livebearers as a gift.
Above: Fred catching Phalloceros caudimaculatus reticulatus out of one of my wall tanks.
Below: Fred's checking his new assets.
It's been a fun and an educational day to the both of us. We've philosophized a number of things like genetics related topics.
Well, I also do visit other keepers and breeders of livebearers from time to time.Always fun and interesting to talk and to philosophize about aquaristics.
Above: Overhere me in front of some tank set ups when I've paid a visit to a friend of mine who's keeping mainly livebearers.
Below: A nice bassin with Anabl;eps anableps, Yucatan swordtails and Knife livebearers.